12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas Day 6

We are half through the 12 days of Christmas Gift ideas.  We have arrived at day 6.  For day six it might be nice to switch it up a little bit.  Our bamboo straws make a thoughtful and useful gift.  They are portable, convenient, and Eco-friendly.  Made of sustainable bamboo, they are 100% biodegradable and plastic free.   

Fun fact:  Did you know that bamboo is not a tree?  It's actually a fast growing grass and it's edible!

bamboo straws

Bamboo Straws sophiessustainables.com


1.Reusable, healthy and environmentally friendly.

2.Bamboo drinking straws are very easy to clean and maintain, simply use the cleaning brushes with soap and water.

3.We recommend washing the straws before use.

4. Hand wash, do not place in the dishwasher.

5. Straw diameter sizes vary, with some being a little larger than others.  

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