5 Surprising Fruits You Can Grow Indoors (The Last Two Will Shock You!)

Most of us are aware that herbs can be easily grown indoors.  But did you know that fruits can be grown indoors too? 
Here are five surprising fruits that can be grown indoors. 

1.  Meyer lemons. It’s better to not start these from seed.  Purchase  a dwarf variety from your local nursery.  Keep in mind that it can take up to 5 years before the trees bare fruit, so purchase a mature tree so that you can get fruit faster.  Meyer lemon trees need a lot of care and controlled environment, but with patience you can successfully grow lemons indoors

2.  Strawberries. Strawberries are well suited for containers.  There are two main types of plants commercially available:  June bearing strawberries (producing in June), and ever-bearing strawberries (which will fruit two times a year).  The main thing to remember is strawberries need acidic soil with a pH of 5.6-6.3.

strawberry plant in container
3.  Figs.  The only variety of figs that can be successfully grown indoors is Petite Negra.  The tree will produce normal size figs beginning when the tree is about 2 feet tall.

fig on a tree

Ok, so these last two you might not believe, but it’s possible!

3.  Pineapples!  Yes, you can grow pineapples indoors.  You can use grocery store pineapples.  First, remove the crown and  allow it dry for several days. Second, root crown in water, and roots are about 3 inches, plant in soil.  It can take several years for the plant to produce fruit.

4.  Watermelon!  Plant watermelon seeds in a 5 gallon container with good quality potting mix.  Use a trellis system.  Watermelons need 8 hours of sunlight or you can use a grow light if your home does not get 8 hours of sunlight per day.


This is not a comprehensive guide, just general info to get you started. Have you ever grown fruits before?  Comment down below and let us know about your fruit growing adventures!


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