Back to School Sustainably

Ahhh, August….it’s a bittersweet month, as sadly it signals the end of summer.  But it also signals back to school.

It might be back to school for you, if you’re a parent, teacher, student, or school staff.  You might be thrilled about going back to school or maybe not so much.

Going back to school this year brings a lot of challenges.  We are here with some tips to make the transition a little easier.  With our ultimate guide:  Back to School Sustainably.

In order to go back to school sustainably there are a few basic sustainable school supplies that you might need.

A student favorite is the stainless steel digital thermos.  It’s not just good for keeping your coffee warm!  Do you love Ramen, but don’t have access to a microwave during lunchtime?  You can make your Ramen in the morning and keep it nice and piping hot until lunchtime. Also works great for soups on cool fall days.

digital thermos
Some Like it Hot Digital Thermos

While we are on the subject of lunch, an Eco-friendly lunchbox for the kiddos and adults alike is the way to go.  Wheat straw is an Earth friendly option that is lightweight, microwaveable, and portable.  The Bento box is perfect for those who  don’t like their food to touch, or to separate sauces from the main course. 

 Wheat straw bento lunchboxkids wheat straw lunchbox

          Wheat Straw Bento Lunchbox /Kid's Wheat Straw Lunchbox


A bamboo keyboard and mouse are a sustainable option to replace the traditional plastic keyboard and mouse.  A bamboo keyboard is a wooden keyboard that has the same functionality as a plastic keyboard.  

wooden keyboard mouse

Bamboo Keyboard and Mouse

When you’re not typing you might be writing.  Eco-friendly pens made from recycled cardboard instead of plastic.  They are smooth writing, long lasting, and refillable.  If you prefer to use pencils to take notes, germination pencils are pretty neat.  Once you are finished with them, they can be planted to grow decorative herbs.

 eco friendly ink peneco friendly pencils

       Eco-friendly Ink Pens/Germination pencils

There are plenty of options for sustainable and Eco-friendly school supplies.  What are your must-have sustainable school supplies?  Let us know in the comments.

Cheers to a sustainable school year!

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