Eco Friendly Pets

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Your fur baby can live his or her best eco-friendly life too!  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that pet products can be eco-friendly, especially if you are just beginning to live a more sustainable lifestyle.  When choosing products for your pet look for swaps made from eco-friendly materials, like, organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, linen, or wood.  Comfort for your pet  and safety are priorities and the products should be comfortable, soft, breathable, and safe. 


When choosing swaps it’s best to swap out something you use often.  For dog owners, dog poo bags are used daily, often multiple times per day.  Biodegradable dog poo bags are a great alternative to plastic dog poo bags.  A plastic bag can take 500 years to decompose.  Unfortunately, the bags don’t break down completely, they turn into microplastics that pollute the environment.  Biodegradable dog waste bags are typically made out of cornstarch and decompose completely.  Dispose of dog poo properly and do NOT place in compost bin.

Bamboo or Hemp Collar hemp dog leash and collar

Harnesses, leashes, and collars are also used daily by most pet owners.  Look for harnesses and collars made of hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, or linen.  All are durable, breathable, and washable fabrics.  It is important that the collar, leash, or harness be comfortable and functional. 

Hemp Pet Toys hemp dog toys

Does your dog like to play fetch?  Is your cat entranced by a ball of yarn?  Pet toys are an integral part of bonding time with your pet.  Look for toys made of sustainable or eco-friendly materials like hemp.  Hemp is durable and can stand up to play time.  Choose the right size toy for your pet and enjoy a game of tug of war with Fido.

Linen Dog Bed

Linen pet bed 

Once your pet has been walked, fed, and played with, they might need a little nap.  A quality pet bed made of linen is a good choice.  Linen is indeed a sustainable fabric.  Linen comes from the flax plant.  It is a perfect choice for a pet bed because it’s absorbent, breathable, and stronger than cotton.  It’s also easy to wash and dry.  

Live. Sustainably.

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