How to Live More Sustainably in 2021

5 Easy (and free) Ways to Live More Sustainably

Say no to single use plastics  

plastic water bottle on beach

According to The Guardian, 1 million plastic bottles are sold globally every minute.  That number is expected to increase by 20% this year (2021).  That means that an estimated 1.2 million plastic bottles will be sold every minute.  An estimated 583.3 billion plastic bottles will be sold this year.  Only 12 percent of those plastic bottles are recycled.  The rest end up in landfills, or in the ocean.  It can take up to 1,000 years for a plastic bottle to decompose.  Plastic in the ocean is harmful (and at times fatal) to wildlife.

Single use plastic bottles can easily be replaced by glass or stainless steel water bottles.

Walk More

woman walking across street

You can help the environment and improve your health by walking more.  If you have to run an errand that is relatively close to your home, consider walking (or biking).  Fossil fuels are one the biggest contributors to global warming.

The 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

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The first R, reduce the amount of waste you produce, but also reduce the amount of items you buy.  Reuse what you already have before buying new things.  Always recycle recyclable items.

Eat local when possible

farmer's market with radishes and green onions

Transportation of food results in massive amounts of carbon dioxide emissions.  The farther the food comes from the bigger the carbon footprint.  

Some are fortunate enough to live near farmers markets and have access to local produce year round.  Eating local is a great way to eat sustainably.



Food and other organic waste can be recycled to make compost.  Compost is often referred to as black gold.  Compost can be used to enrich garden soil, house plant soil, or your yard.

According to the NRDC composting has many benefits:  conserves water,  cuts methane emissions from landfills, and reduces personal food waste.

Composting can be done successfully indoors with the proper container.

Cheers to a sustainable 2021!


  • GeeMa

    After reading this, I am interested in composting to enrich my indoor house plants. What a great method to deal with the many coffee grounds produced by my daily consumption.

  • Yamar Dakar

    It is always better to eat local produce from your local farmers.

  • Debbie Walker

    Great collaboration with Atmospherea Lab. It’s great that they share the same philosophy and sincerity in living sustainably. I enjoyed the “daily activities” focus. Thanks for the link. Also. I knew that buying locally was economical and healthy but I never thought about the energy that is saved in transportation. I will now. Thanks.

  • Daouda Houston

    Saying NO to single use plastic is a great way to start a sustainability lifestyle in 2021.
    These plastic bottles are oftentimes not recycled which contribute to pollution.

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