Spooktacular Eco-Friendly Halloween Ideas

trick or treat

It’s spooky season once again.  How do you celebrate?  Do you go all out with costumes, decorations, and full size candy bars for the trick or treaters?  Halloween is a festive time for many adults and children alike. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of Halloween traditions that are not Eco-friendly. Individually wrapped candy, plastic candy buckets and fast fashion costumes create a lot of waste.  You can do your part and help mitigate some of that waste.  Here are a few tips that help you make your Halloween celebration a little more Eco-friendly.


Many people use pumpkins, squash, acorns, etc as Halloween (and fall) decorations.  I personally do not like to use food as decoration.  But if you do go that route be sure to compost when you are done.

compost bin
Compost bin: sophiesssustainables.com

You can also make your own Halloween decorations instead of buying them.  Let your creativity shine and use items you already have around the house.  You use native plants, pine cones, and native flowers as decorations.  

Trick Or Treating

Trick or treating is one the best parts of childhood.  What’s more fun than getting dressed up and getting free candy? An iconic symbol of trick or treating is of course the orange pumpkin plastic bucket.  While iconic, it’s somewhat problematic.  It’s a single-use plastic item.  Consider switching out the plastic bucket with a canvas bag.  An upside to using a canvas bag is that it can hold way more candy than the plastic bucket! Score!

canvas bag
Canvas bag: sophiessustainables.com


Finally, another way to be more Eco-friendly during Halloween is to ditch the fast fashion costumes.  You can get creative and visit a local thrift store and make your own costume.  Better yet, shop your closet and make a costume out of clothes you already have!


Cheers to Halloween!

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