Sustainable New Year's Resolutions

Wow….2021….what can I say?  To say that it was one hell of a ride would be a massive understatement.  It seems like everything that could go wrong, went wrong in 2021.  I could sit here and list everything that went wrong in 2021, but I don’t think we need to rehash that.  Let’s focus on the new year 2022.  How can we make this year REALLY different?  Sure we can go to our old stand by resolutions:  lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, etc.  Surely, all those things can be easily accomplished but what can we do differently?  

Let’s start with having a sustainable New Year.  Here are 3 easy things you can do to have a sustainable 2022.

1. Ditch single use plastic

 Single use plastic is really bad for our planet on many levels.  Plastics can take up to 100 years to biodegrade.  During the biodegradation process, harmful chemicals are released into the environment which can harm wildlife, water systems, and even our food.  Also single use plastics break down into microplastics which are becoming endemic.  

There are many alternatives to single use plastics.  For beverages, fill your own bottle, using a stainless steel thermos. Glass containers are also  good options.

LED Thermos

Stainless Steel Thermos:


Instead of plastic cutlery, try bamboo cutlery.  Made from Earth friendly bamboo and 100% biodegradable.

bamboo cutlery

Bamboo Cutlery:

2. Exercise More

Exercising more is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions.  Exercise sustainably with Eco friendly exercise equipment.  A cork yoga mat is the perfect companion to your yoga class.

cork yoga mat
Cork Yoga Mat:

3.  Healthy Eating 

Eating healthier is another popular New Year’s resolution.  To help you eat healthier try a wheat straw lunchbox to pack your lunch for work.  An added benefit is these lunchboxes help with portion control.

🥂 Cheers to the New Year!

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