The Campaign for a Greener Earth

Today we have a special guest blogger.  Ms. Danielle Dyer.  She has written a inspirational poem that she would like to share.  We think you will really enjoy this poem.  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

campaign for a greener earth

The Campaign for a  Greener Earth

Danielle Dyer

Embrace sustainability with grace, nature’s kiss upon our face.

Let it rejuvenate as well as celebrate Mother Earth’s greatness.

Earth weaves its soul into the fabric of this environment through her soil, plants and trees.

Aligning to the spirit that’s deep inside of me.

Blossom your mind into evergreens of knowledge into an organically healthier lifestyle.

Spring forth from the wells of wisdom… in using bamboo bowls and Eco-friendly goods that will balance our ecosystems.

Let us continue to protect mother nature’s natural elements. 

Excel as better caretakers and curators of Gaia’s gallery of natural resources.

Keeping our environment clean and sustainable is our best solution…. in reducing greenhouse gases, deforestation, and pollution. 

The campaign for a Greener Earth, starts with you, me and our local community.

Let us enrich Mother Earth with peace, balance and sustainability.

Propel our world into a fruitful future where she can thrive and harvest at her best.

Let us advocate for a healthier world as we become healthier in body and in consciousness.

Let us invest in green methods, goods and technology, so that our children and future generations can inherit the purity and vivid beauty of earth’s ecology.



Danielle is a gifted poet and has been writing poetry since she was a young child.  She is also an accomplished business professional with over 15 years of operations management experience in the foreign affairs, intelligence and the defense industries.  She is a career brand diva that proactively establishes key collaborative relationships with departments and agencies. Danielle’s thought leadership has led to successful job fairs, executive leadership forums and workshops that benefits surrounding communities. Danielle is an avid travel lover who has journeyed to over 30 countries and counting! Her mantra is to do things that others dream of doing. 

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