Ultimate Guide to January:  5 Things To Do This Month  

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 Ahhh, January…I heard someone say that January is the Monday of months.  This is a statement that I personally took offense to, because January is my birthday month, but I digress.  Depending on where you live on this beautiful planet, January might be cold, snowy, and gray.  Here, in the United States in New England, January is notoriously cold and snowy.  I’m just waiting for a blizzard to hit.

During these cold snowy days it might be hard to stay motivated.  Here is your ultimate guide to January.

Eat What’s In Season

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January is the season for cruciferous veggies and citrus fruits.  Buy broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, grapefruit, kale, leeks, lemons, oranges, parsnips, rutabagas, tangelos, tangerines, and turnips this January.

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, turnips, and rutabagas are cruciferous vegetables.  According to the National Cancer Institute, cruciferous vegetables may help prevent certain types of cancers.

Cruciferous vegetables are rich in nutrients, carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, folate, and minerals (including iron and manganese). They also provide fiber.

Cruciferous vegetables can be bitter and have a strong aroma.  Glucosinolates, which are sulfur-containing chemicals are responsible for the pungent aroma and bitter flavor of cruciferous vegetables.

citrus fruits slices oranges, grapefruits, lemons

Citrus fruits:  grapefruits, lemon, oranges tangelos, tangerines are also in season in January.  Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C and fiber.  They may also help to fight cancer and boost heart health.


Make a Gratitude List

gratitude list


Take 5 minutes to write a gratitude list.  This is especially helpful if you are having a tough day.  It can improve your mood to focus on all the things you have to be grateful for.  Try to list 5-10 things you are grateful for.  

Enjoy a Hot Drink

cup with coffee 

In these cold months it’s nice to have a drink to warm you up.  Enjoy a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate without distractions-no phone, tablet, or Netflix.  Be in the present moment and enjoy your drink.


Get Creative

paint cans, painter 

Get the creative juices flowing.  You can paint, draw, craft, scrapbook or any other creative activity that you enjoy.  Being creative is another great way to improve your mood and promote happiness.



two women doing yoga sitting on pillow


The weather may not permit you to go outside but there are plenty of exercises you can do at home.  YouTube is a good place to start for at home workouts.  Yoga is a very good exercise to do at home if you have limited space.  Remember to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.


Cheers to January! 


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  • Milele

    I love this post and how simple yet powerful these actions can be for progressing further towards health and well-being. Sometimes, we tend to miss the little things that can create big change in our lives. Our weather here in South East Texas can get super wet and cloudy in January, so the YouTube videos for exercise is a great reminder! Excited to share this. Cheers to a wonderful January.

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