50PCS 100% Compostable Paper Plates 6,7, or 9 inches

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Your next cookout can be sustainable with these compostable plates.  3 sizes to chose from.  Just toss them in the compost bin when you are done!


ECO-FRIENDLY:  These plates are Eco-friendly and zero waste.  Wheat straw is the  stalk left over after wheat is harvested.  Traditionally this wheat straw is discarded and even burned contributing to air pollution.  We use the straw to craft these plates. 

STRONG & DURABLE:   Our plates are strong and can hold your food and won't leak. Can be used in the microwave, refrigerator and freezer.

CONVENIENT:  Compostable.  Just toss in the compost bin when you are done.

Material: native straw pulp
6 inches: 155*10.6mm/6.10*0.42in; 300g
7 inches: 180*18mm/7.09*0.71in; 500g
9 inches: 230*20.6mm/9.06*0.81in; 800g
Packing: 50pcs / bag