Eco Friendly Ink Pens (100 pens per pack)

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Sometimes you need a ink pen, whether it's for school, the office, or your work from home space.  This is the perfect pen to flex your nice handwriting skills in an Eco- friendly way.  These pens are made of recycled cardboard.  The perfect pen for the Eco- warrior.

  • Smooth writing
  • Long lasting
  • Refillable
  • Blue Ink
  • Top Quality
  • 100 pieces per pack
  • Made of recycled cardboard.  
  • Great for home, office, school, or business.

Type: Ballpoint Pen
Erasable Or Not: No
Novelty: Yes
Writing Point: 1.0mm
Use: Office & School Pen
Item: Kraft paper ball pen
Writing thickness: 1.0mm
Color of the pen: blue