VEGAN Reusable Food Wraps NO Beeswax Organic Plant-Based Wax ALTERNATIVE Zero Waste Beeswax Food Wrap

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✅ NO ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS - Our vegan reusable food wraps are made from consciously sourced jojoba oil, Natural tree resin & coconut oil , making them great substitutes to Beeswax food wrap! Giving our Eco friendly food storage wraps better life and composts significantly quicker than beeswax paper wrap alternative after the life of the wraps.

✅ REUSABLE PLASTIC WRAP ALTERNATIVE - Zero waste products is the way to move to a zero waste home. Our wax food wraps plant based vegan set are a reusable saran wrap alternative and a zero waste wrap. 

✅ MULTIPURPOSE USE - Our reusable food storage wrap set are very versatile.  Use as a reusable sandwich wrap, reusable leftover wrap, for leftovers, cut fruits or as a fruit wrap or fruit wrapping paper, sandwich wrapping paper covering food veggies, bread, lunch boxes, all snacks & as reusable bowl covers ,reusable plate cover, reusable food covers / organic food covers just a general food wrapping paper. Great vegan gifts

✅ HONOR YOUR FOOD - A Reusable plastic wrap alternative should be the answer to giving your food the integrity it deserves. More importantly a wax cloth food storage where no animals were exploited. Reusable food wrap vegan wax wraps are great beeswax alternatives.


🥑 Soy Wax ➡️ Renewable & sustainable resource 

🥑 Natural Tree Resin ➡️ Existing Natural properties

🥑 Jojoba oil ➡️ Makes for non-toxic wraps

🥑 Coconut oil ➡️ Increases the life and functioning of the wraps

Material: organic cotton,plant-based wax
Type: reusable, eco-friendly, vegan 
Feature: NO synthetics & NO Animal By-products
Zero waste: 100% compostable & biodegradable